24Pcs High Quality Press On Nail Set Extra Long Coffin Nails FS842E20


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  • Made with high-quality ABS environmental friendly material, No toxic, No harm to your nails or your body, providing you a safe and comfortable experience.
  • Take minutes to apply, an instant, beautiful manicure from home.
  • Long-lasting up to 2 weeks with a good application and proper care.
  • Easy to remove, no damaging to your nails and nails Reusable.
  • Full set of 24 nails, offer 12 different sizes, suitable size that fits your every finger.
  • Comes with adhesive tabs, a mini file, a manicure stick, and alcohol prep pads.
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    1. Clip your natural nails short.
    2. File and buff the surface of your natural nails with the mini file.
    3. Clean nails with the alcohol pad, make sure your nails are clean without oils.
    4. Select the correct size adhesive tab for each finger and stick them on.
    5. Peel off the tab and press the nail on. Key points: Start at about 1.5 mm from the cuticle, Slowly push hard towards the cuticle, use pressure to hold for 5 seconds.

    Please refer to the Tutorial Video.
    Please do not wash your hands or contact with water for at least 2 hours after application.

    How to remove

    1. Soak your nails in warm water for 2 minutes.
    2. Use the Bevel end of the Manicure Stick to get between your natural nail and the false nail, gently rock from side to side to lift them off your nail beds.
    3. Use the pointed end of the Manicure Stick, rolling to remove the leftover adhesive.

    Please refer to the Tutorial Video.
    Keep them in good condition so that you can reuse them.

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